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Click Here to view a video of Bruce McElrath presented with The Disabilities Rights Advocacy Award On Civil Rights.

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Welcome to the Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group, Inc. website

Over 54 million people in this country suffer from some form of disability. No less important are the reported statistics of discrimination and hardship they go through everyday!

Whether you are disabled or are close to somebody who is, this site is dedicated to helping everyone understand the plight of the disabled and the continued struggle for acceptance and integration into mainstream society.

Since its inception, the Philadelphia-based Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group Inc. (D.R.A.G.), has been a major lobbying force for curb cuts along City sidewalks, making Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) accessible. This action set a National trend, as a result, now ATMs are accessible across the Country. D.R.A.G. Inc., is responsible for the installation of ramps and lifts at many Federal, State, and Public Facilities. The Organization is continually encouraging and monitoring the private sector to upgrade their building facilities and make them accessible and more user friendly to the disabled. 


D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, Bruce E. McElrath
goes undercover with CBS 3's investigative news I-team,
to expose discrimination at the pumps.



Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group, Inc.

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