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About Us

Founded in 1989, the Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group (D.R.A.G.) aims to empower the disabled population and, to that effect, create awareness among the able-bodied citizenry.

D.R.A.G is organized to be an avenue where disabled persons can address and seek recourse to issues concerning discrimination in:

  • Housing

  • Public accommodation

  • Education

  • Total Accessibility to Federal, state, municipal and public buildings

  • Transportation

D.R.A.G. is made up of committees that have the following responsibilities:

Membership. Responsible for recruiting disabled and concerned individuals to become members of D.R.A.G. Also responsible for keeping in touch with members and ensuring members are in good standing. Other duties as directed by the Board.

Transportation. Members are responsible for attending various transportation meetings and reporting back to Organization. Also responsible for gathering up-to-date information and legislation on all modes of transportation, as it relates to persons with disabilities.

Housing. Members are responsible for researching and compiling information of newly-constructed or wil be constructed housing for persons with disabilities. Members may be required to perform inspections on housing facilities to ensure American With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance.

Ethics. Reviews by-laws annually. Ensures rules and regulations are followed and are in accordance with the by-laws.

Please check our Milestones page to see D.R.A.G.'s achievements over the years.  

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