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Our doors are always open to any new member. We are constantly available to support you and your needs. Everybody is welcome to join.
We encourage persons from all walks of life, regardless of the nature of disability or even those who do not have a disability at all, to join our exciting network.
For those who have a family member or loved one with a disability, we can help you understand their needs better, get actively involved in their lives, become more knowledgeable about their disability, and learn how to assist persons with disabilities as well.

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The Informer is the monthly newsletter of DRAG and keeps the disabled population abreast of valuable information from around the country. The Informer is published quarterly. Special editions may be printed due to news breaking information. If you have a story, event, or know of newly built housing for persons with disabilities, news of local legislation regarding disabilities, or have pictures of disability demonstrations you would like published in the Informer, send it to D.R.A.G., Inc. ATTN: Informer Editor, P.O. Box 7377, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19101. The information will be reviewed and considered for printing. Please note, information cannot be returned.

Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group, Inc.

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