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In the spirit of community outreach, through the continued support of our members, we have achieved the following:

  • Committed to our motto of "Dedication, Respect, Advancement Guaranteed," D.R.A.G. has been kept busy with campaigning for disability awareness. Every case decided on our favor is a step closer to that goal.

  • In 1991, D.R.A.G convinced the management and Overseer of the Plymouth Meeting Mall to agree to capitol changes thus effecting the installation of state-of-the-art bathrooms that are accessible to the disabled.

  • Filed a lawsuit against Alamo Car Rental Corporation for discriminating against disabled persons by not having two-door vehicles in their fleet, having unsafe hand controls and not enough hand controls to accommodate disabled customers. Alamo has, since then, added full-sized two-door vehicles to their line-up, ordered and installed safe new hand controls and increased the number of hand controls in all of their display stores. (All recommendations were given by D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, Bruce E. McElrath.)

  • Filed and successfully won various complaints against supermarkets such as Acme, Shop Rite and Thriftway for noncompliance of ADA (Americans with Disability Act) specifications regarding the width of store aisles, checkout counters, placement of floor displays, outside rails and gates with locks. D.R.A.G. is continually monitoring Supermarkets and Department Stores for ADA compliance, regarding the placements of floor displays and width of isles. The Organization is persistently knocking down architectural barriers that are hampering the disabled community.

  • Board Chairman Bruce McElrath was honored and awarded the Philadelphia's City Council Resolution by the City Council of Philadelphia.

  • Once again, D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, officials and Members gathered in the City Council's Chamber to be honored and awarded another City Council Resolution for being instrumental in the installation of the first mass of curb cuts in the City of Philadelphia from City Avenue to Parkside Avenue.

  • D.R.A.G. filed an ADA complaint with a Federal Agency against the Philadelphia Main Post Office (located at 30th and Market Street) for not having handicap parking on the Chestnut Street side of the post office where an access ramp is located. The Postal Service at 30th Street has since installed two handicap parking spaces in that area near the access ramp.

  • As a result of disabled riders sustaining severe injuries in a serious accident involving a Paratransit vehicle, D.R.A.G members met with the SEPTA/Paratransit Transportation General Manager and demanded telephone numbers to be affixed to the rear of all Paratransit vehicles to help the public report reckless driving.

  • In 1995, D.R.A.G. convinced the 30th Street Main Post office, instead of using an outside wheelchair lift for disabled persons to gain access to the facility, they would construct a ramp. Through the efforts of Board Chairman Bruce E. McElrath, who is also an Accessibility/ADA consultant, a new ramp was constructed on the Market Street side of the Post Office. Due to the minimal amount of repairs needed in maintaining a ramp as opposed to a lift, D.R.A.G. has saved and is still saving the Postal Service millions of dollars. D.R.A.G. Board member Patricia Williams and a United Postal Employee attended and partied at a reception given by the United States Postal Service.

  • Successfully lobbied the Mayor and City Council of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to appropriate over 1 million dollars to provide wheelchair paths and curb cuts along Belmont Avenue, and from City Line Avenue to Parkside Avenue. These paths and curb cuts provide access to the City of Philadelphia's only recreational facility (Carousel House), for the disabled (the area has more than 2000 disabled residents).

  • Disabilities Rights Advocacy Group Inc., (DRAG). Board Chairman, Bruce McElrath uses a Meridian Bank ATM. Meridian Bank announced plans to redesign its' automated teller machines to accommodate individuals in wheelchairs. The move comes in response to a Law Suite against all Banks in the State of Pennsylvania. McElrath asserted that the teller machines did not include adequate space for wheelchair movement, key boards that were not reachable, and screens that could not be seen by individuals in wheelchairs. Banks agreed to lower the machines, install ramps, and position display screen which would enable individuals in wheelchairs total and complete access to ATMs.

  • D.R.A.G.'s Chairman Appointed As Housing Committee Chair, of the City of Philadelphia, Mayor's Commission On Persons With Disabilities.

Board Chairman Bruce McElrath and Board Member Karen Rudasil; demonstrates ATM problems to Meridian Bank Executive.

Meridian Bank Officials, D.R.A.G.'s Officials and Membership attend press conference.

National Political Correspondent/Author, Juan Williams congratulates D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, Bruce E. McElrath as the recipient of the Disabilities Rights Advocacy Award on Civil Rights. Presented by the Pennsylvania State Human Relations Commission. Juan reminds McElrath to "Keep His Eyes On The Prize." 

Stephen A. Glassman, Chairman, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), has photo-op with D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, Bruce E. McElrath.

Meridian Bank Executive presents $5,000.00 check to D.R.A.G. Board Chairman Bruce McElrath. 


Homer C. Floyd, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission (PHRC), presents D.R.A.G.'s Board Chairman, Bruce E. McElrath with The Disabilities Rights Advocacy Award on Civil Rights. The Award was presented during PHRC's 50th Anniversary Celebration, on April 6, 2006.

Sandra H. Bacote, Regional Executive Director, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, (PHRC), and Bruce McElrath, Founder and Board Chairman, Disabilities Rights Advocacy. Group Inc., (D.R.A.G.) take photo op at the 50th Anniversary Celebration.


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